Academic Teams

Math Counts Team

The Math Counts Team is a group of Jr. High students that enjoy doing math. To be a member of the Team, you must have good grades and good study habits in Algebra. You must also be a team worker and be excited to work on challenging math problems.

Team members spend one Saturday in February at SIUE doing Math contests as teams and as individuals. There are six members on the Math Counts Team.

Sample questions:

  1. Express as a decimal: 0.1125 * 600
  2. Find the value of x for which the follwoing is true: (x/8) = (9/24)
  3. The product of two positive integers is 225 and their quotient is 9. What is the larger integer?
  4. When 39,500 is divided by an integer n, the quotient is 123 and the remainder is 17. Find n.
  5. A book is made by stacking ten sheets of paper, then folding the stack down the center. The sheets are stapled along the fold, and the pages are then numbered from 1 to 40. What is the sum of the other three numbers on the piece of paper that contain the number 15?

Religion Trivia Team

This is a team of upper grade students that compete at Metro East Lutheran High School against other Lutheran Schools' religion teams that are in our conference. This is an annual event. Students work together as a team to answer the questions.

Following are some sampe questions. Could you answer them?

  1. Who was David's father?
  2. What is the shortest vers in the Bible, and what book is it located in?
  3. What church season comes before Advent?

MELHS Math Contest

The National Honor Society of Metro-East Lutheran High School sponsors an Academic Festival for one day during the month of March or April. At the festival, there is a math contest, consisting of fifty questions with a fifty-minute time limit. There is a team from each participating school. The team consists of two students from grades six, seven, and eight. Following are some sample questions fro previous years:

  1. 3[2(4 + 5) – 12/2] =
  2. 3a + v36a2 =
  3. x2 + 2x =8 then x =?
  4. 10111 in base two equals what number in base ten
  5. Solve for R: 6-2R > 3R + 1
  6. What is the perimeter of an isosceles triangle with legs 4.3 and base 3.7?
  7. The circumference of a circle is 12p. What is its area?
  8. The sum of two numbers is 17. The product of the two numbers is 42. What are the numbers?