Good Shepherd Technology FAQ’s

Digital Citizenship Reference for Parents (PDF)

Responsible Use Policy

Technology Goal
Technology will be used to increase engagement in all academic subjects and to teach digital citizenship to students.
The rationale behind technology use is to equip our students with the tools to become more engaged in their education. They will assume a new role as a problem solver as they use technology to take a more active role in their education.
How will technology be used?
Chromebooks/iPads will be used as a tool to supplement student learning in the following ways (but not limited to):

  • English – writing skills, research skills, immediate access to dictionary and thesaurus
  • Reading – some of our literature books are available on the iPad, writing skills
  • Geography and History – note taking skills, research skills, access to resources from outside the textbook, review and note-taking sheets, and immediate access to up-to-date maps and data, access to presentations
  • Science – access to textbook and resources, research skills, review and note-taking sheets
  • Learning by Heart – access to LBH assignments and passages
  • Math – calculator, review apps for practicing skills, access to books, tutorial videos
  • Foreign Language – Spanish or German dictionary, resources for practice
  • Catechism and Religion – access to multiple translations of the Bible, presentation, review sheets
Students will use their technology:
  • to organize and track assignments, homework, and class projects.
  • to access the Internet to research information needed for class projects
  • to learn ‘digital citizenship’
  • to learn to safely use the Internet as a tool and to discern what is appropriate or not
  • to learn the appropriate use of a class email account, Google Classroom
  • to create presentations
  • to use a word processor app for class papers and projects
  • to run a variety of applications to enhance their learning experience in class
  • to read electronic books, including some textbooks
  • to learn to responsibly take care of technology
Do I need wireless access at home?
Wireless at home is recommended but not required. The iPad is an Internet connected device and as such many of its most powerful features require Internet access. If you do not have wireless Internet access here are some options:

  1. All public libraries have FREE wireless access.
  2. Most coffee/chain restaurants have wireless access.
  3. Many things can be preloaded on an iPad and then accessed without wireless at a later date. Preloading can be done by visiting a webpage (like this one) or my taking a screenshot of an iPad (by pressing the home button and the lock button at the same time) and then viewing the saved image in the Photos App.
  4. Chromebooks can be used offline and then the documents will sync to your account once you are using wifi.
How can I filter our home Internet?
On campus, the school filters the Internet to keep students safe and focused, at home on your private network the school cannot control what the students are seeing. If you are concerned about Internet access there are services that can be setup to control website access throughout your home, including the iPad and Chromebook. The school recommends that you configure your home router so that every machine in your home will be protected.
What is the Cloud?
Definition of the “cloud:” internet storage! This means that items in programs like Google Drive, and email can be accessed from any device with internet access. If students are having Wi-Fi issues or need to print something, they should use their home computer.
May I add other applications without the school’s permission?
Students who are using a leased Chromebook should not add applications without the school’s permission. Please speak with your child’s teacher if there is something you feel would be helpful and of educational benefit.

For students that own their own device, they must have the recommended apps necessary to use at school.  All other apps are at the parent’s discretion but cannot be used during the school day. We certainly welcome suggestions for beneficial education apps that can benefit all students.