Language Classes

We offer language classes for all K-8 students.

We have an aggressive, hands-on language curriculum that provides exposure to everyday happenings in two languages: Spanish and Latin. The students learn a conversational language that can range from simple to very complex depending on the skill level.

Students are challenged by a curriculum that is tailored to their specific skill level, rather than the grade level of their class, and are encouraged to learn a vocabulary based on their daily environment: nouns related to school, school activities, family life, food, animals, etc.


For more information about our K-8 Spanish curriculum, please contact Kellie Strackeljahn.


Good Shepherd will be offering Latin an option to our language classes to our 5-8th grade students in partnership with Wittenberg Academy! Over the past decade, Rev. Heath Curtis has taught hundreds of elementary, junior high, and high school students the Latin language at Wittenberg Academy. He has developed a method that combines live, interactive online classes with recorded video lessons, quizzes, and tests. Latin offers many unique benefits to our students: it provides a strong foundation for learning any of the Romance languages (French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese), as well as fortifying a student’s knowledge of English grammar, and building an understanding of the specialized language used in medicine, law, and engineering. We will be asking each family about Latin in grades 5-8 at the teacher/parent visit in August to create the classes for Latin. Questions are always welcomed.

For more information about our Latin curriculum, please contact school office at 618-344-3153