Student Assistance

The Mission of Good Shepherd Lutheran School is to care for God’s children, whose potential is at risk, helping them in the areas of behavior, academics, healthy living, and class attendance. With the help of God, this is accomplished by identifying warning signs, intervening with love, making appropriate referrals, and providing continued guidance.

The Resource Room

The Resource Room serves to provide assistance to teachers, parents, and students. Beth Italiano assists our teachers in developing a Student Educational Plan for each student whose learning needs are not met by regular classroom instruction. She can be reached at

We use the Wide-Range Achievement Test as both a pre-test and post-test to identify current grade placement and any specific learning needs, especially in the area of auditory and visual/memory perception. When indicated, outside resources are used to give a more in-depth evaluation, including the student’s home public school district, Children’s Hospital, a referral for vision therapy, auditory training, occupational therapy, etc.
We also use AIMSweb to benchmark and progress monitor students in both reading and math. We use this data to individualize instruction to better meet the needs of the student.


A variety of learning materials will be used to enhance learning and provide interest. A partial list includes: high-interest, low-level books and stories, phonics-related worksheets, the Phonics Game, SRA materials, Hooked on Phonics, reading games, sight word flashcards, story and journal writing, book making, use of math manipulatives, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division flashcards, and computer learning activities on-line and iPads.


Learning styles vary with each individual student. According to the specific learning difficulty, the techniques applied will be observed and individually assessed. For example, a reading disability often involves visual perception or visual memory. Remedial activities must address these weaknesses as well as focus on phonics, work attack skills, sight vocabulary, etc. Utilizing as many of the senses as possible, i.e., vision, hearing, and touch have proven successful with many students when other more conventional methods have failed.

Resource Room Guidelines

  1. The primary goal of the Resource Room is to enable the student to function successfully within the classroom:
    1. by working minimally with the student in the resource room
    2. by assisting the classroom teacher in adjusting assignments and tests to meet the student’s needs
    3. by providing suggestions to the parents regarding the ways they can help at home
    4. by providing a list of outside resources when necessary
  2. To be eligible for service the student should be one year to one-and-a-half academic years below grade level.
  3. Parents should speak to the classroom teacher, who will work with the resource teacher in determining if a referral is appropriate.
  4. Students who have recently transferred to Good Shepherd may need help temporarily until they have adjusted to the new curriculum.
  5. The resource room teacher will assist in structuring a positive reinforcement program for those students consistently using inappropriate behavior.
  6. The resource room teacher will provide information and assistance to the classroom teachers in working with students identified a having ADHD; both hyperactive and inattentive types.
  7. Assistance will also be given to students struggling with organizational and study skills.
  8. Suggestions for enrichment will be available for students whose abilities appear to exceed activities generally provided in the classroom.
  9. The Peer Tutoring program will be managed under the guidance of the resource room.
  10. Other factors affecting a student’s need for resource room intervention will be considered jointly by the resource room teacher and the principal

School Counselor

Our school counselor, Diana Cuddeback, is a licensed clinical social worker with 20 plus years of experience. She provides a school-wide character and anti-bullying program called Fruits of the Spirit. This program takes place throughout the school year and is a partnership between the teachers, the school counselor, parents and caregivers. It includes a focus on leadership education for the upper grades, friendship communication, conflict resolution and other topics for all the grades. Mrs. Cuddeback is available for brief, solution-focused counseling for students. She runs groups on a variety of topics including anger management, social skills, divorce, and grief as student needs necessitate. She provides support and referrals for parents and caregivers. Mrs. Cuddeback is also available for case management with outside agencies and professionals as well as teacher meetings and consultation on specific student and classroom needs all with a goal to support the student’s scholastic, social, and spiritual growth. If you have any questions about this service that is being offered, please contact, Mrs. Cuddeback at

Peer Tutoring

A group of students will assist other students in academic areas. This group will be directed by our Resource teacher Beth Italiano. This program will take place before, during, or after class hours.
Students desiring help with homework, reading, math, or studying for
tests may attend our Peer Tutoring program. Junior High students work
with other students twice a week after school. A staff member is
always present to provided assistance as well.