Spiritual nurture of the Christian faith from the Lutheran perspective is highly valued. Activities include daily classroom devotions and Bible readings, prayers, a weekly school-wide worship service, and the encouragement to attend weekend worship and Sunday School classes.

God and Godly ideas permeate the curriculum just as God and godly ideas permeate the life of the Christian.

The curriculum is under constant evaluation with upgrading as is appropriate.
To meet the aims and purposes of the school, each child attending Good Shepherd Lutheran School receives a thorough and integrated course of religious teaching and applications. The learning environment gives the children opportunity for personal achievement and personal growth.

Textbooks, subject matter experiences, and instructional activities vary from grade level to grade level. We use textbooks from a variety of companies including Concordia Publishing House, Abeka, Open Court, Saxon, Prentice Hall, Macmillan /Glencoe – McGraw Hill

Kindergarten through Grade 6

Grades 7 & 8


Daily devotions, chapel services, Bible study, catechism study, memory work, church history, worship study, music, and songs. All students are required to take religious instruction and are responsible for completing class work and assignments in this subject.
English, spelling, literature, reading, phonics, research skills, dictionary skills, composition writing, oral presentation, vocabulary.
Geography, history, citizenship, current events, map skills, U.S. and World History, Illinois History.
Arithmetic skills, concept development, problem solving, decimals, measurements, algebra, geometry, life skills, critical thinking skills
General science, hands-on scientific experience, life science, earth science, elements of physics, elements of chemistry, physical science, health and nutrition, science fair participation, outdoor education, drug and alcohol awareness program, natural science.
Music education classes include singing, rhythm, reading music, and listening. Instrumental band, keyboard, and choir groups are available for participation.
Creative expression classes in drawing, painting, sculpture, printing, history and art appreciation, holiday crafts and activities
Motor facilitation, physical skill development, calisthenics, physical fitness, gymnastics, games, team sports, dance, aerobics. Participation in the Fitness Gram