Standardized Dress

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Dress Code

The following dress code standards have been adopted by the Board of Christian Day School and apply to all school days unless otherwise directed by the Principal. All clothing should fit the student properly, conforming to his or her body type. NOTE For Preschool Students: We often do messy play indoors and out. It is suggested that you choose dark colors (Tops – burgundy, navy  Bottoms – Navy, burgundy, black)


  • Solid color white, burgundy, gray, navy blue, light blue or light pink.
  • Plain, short or long-sleeve polo-style, oxford-style, turtleneck or mock turtleneck. Turned down collar, tucked in, buttoned sleeves, only top button unbuttoned.
  • Plain crew-neck, v-neck or button-down sweater, vest or sweatshirt (in same colors as above) may be worn with shirt as listed above.
  • Only Good Shepherd logos are acceptable.


  • Solid color tan, black, navy blue, burgundy or gray.
  • Plain or pleated, tailored-style pants, capris, walking shorts, skorts and skirts in cotton twill, corduroy or similar-type fabric. (No denim or tight-fitting fabrics. No cargo pants.)
  • Pants, capris, walking shorts, skorts and skirts are worn at natural waist.
  • Walking shorts, skorts and skirts extend 3-4” above top of knee.
  • Capris and shorts can be worn year round except for Chapel days.
  • Bottoms with visible belt loops require plain, black/brown leather or fabric-matching belt.

Dresses and Jumpers

  • Solid color tan, black, navy blue, gray, burgundy, light blue or light pink.
  • Plain or pleated, tailored–styled dress or jumper in cotton twill, polo mesh, corduroy or similar–type fabric. (No denim or tight-fitting fabrics.)
  • Must extend 3-4” above top of knee.
  • Preschool must wear shorts, tights, leggings

Hair, Accessories & Jewelry

Hairstyles are neat, not distracting, in good taste and out of student’s eyes. Boy’s hair should be off the collar and not below the earlobes. Avoid unnatural hair coloring and hair attachments. Color coordinated hair accessories.

Girls may wear up to two earrings per lobe and no longer than the lobe. Boys are not to wear earrings.

Other pierced-body jewelry and tattoos are not allowed. Makeup is modest and discreet.

Please do not wear scarves as a headband.

Preschool no jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, rings)

Solid color socks or tights/leggings matching top or bottom. Natural-color pantyhose. Shorts or tights/leggings under skirts and jumpers.


Worn as intended and not visible.

Foot Coverings

Heel of foot to floor at back of shoe may not exceed 1-1/2”. Heel straps and non-marking soles. Socks, tights or pantyhose with all footwear. Preschool Velcro shoes preferred.


Jackets, hooded or zippered sweatshirts or sweaters, ponchos, hats, caps, scarves and gloves are worn outdoors.


  • Out of reverence for our Lord, students are asked to dress especially nice on days of Chapel services and not wear shorts or capris.
  • Extracurricular activities such as team sports, band, etc. may have additional guidelines set by the coach or director.
  • Students are asked to wear burgundy tops on school-sponsored field trips unless advised differently by the teacher.
  • The Principal may designate “Special Dress Days” for special events.
  • Students attending after school events such as sporting events, school plays, etc. are expected to dress in modest, Christian attire.
  • All employees and volunteers should wear modest, Christian attire.


The Board has placed its confidence in the Principal and teachers for final judgment on specific attire. Students, parents and guardians are asked to respect such judgments. Students repeatedly wearing clothing not meeting these guidelines will receive a letter to be signed by the parent. Further violations to the dress code may result in additional disciplinary action.