Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about Good Shepherd Lutheran School

Q. Is there a dress code?
A. Good Shepherd has standardized dress. Items can be purchased anywhere; there is not a specific company that is used. Students need to wear solid color white, burgundy, gray, navy blue, light blue or pink polo shirts (short or long sleeve). Pants/shorts/skirts/capris all need to be tan, black, navy blue, gray or burgundy. More information on the dress code is available in the school handbook.
Q. Are the teachers certified?
A. All Good Shepherd teachers are certified to teach in the State of Illinois. Full-time teachers are also certified to teach in Lutheran Schools by the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. Many teachers hold Master’s Degrees, too.
Q. What technology is used in the school?
A. The Junior High and 6th grade are 1:1 with Chromebooks. Grades 2-5 are 1:1 Chromebooks that stay at the school unless we would be remote.  Preschool through grade 1 have iPads and Chromebooks for students to use.
Q. What kind of curriculum do you use?
A. As a Christian school, Biblical teaching, morals, and values are woven through everything we do at Good Shepherd. While some textbooks are secular, we are able to bring Christian living principles and Biblical truths into each lesson. Our Religion lessons are from a textbook series from Concordia Publishing House. Families are always welcome to browse through textbooks and ask teachers questions related to grade-level curriculum.
Q. Do you have a music program?
A. Yes, students in grades K-4 have weekly music classes taught by the homeroom teacher. Students in grade 4 begin learning how to play a recorder. We also have choirs for grade 1-2 (Cherub Choir), Grade 3-4 (Christ Kid’s Choir), grade 5-6 (Seraphim Choir) and grade 7-8 Singing for the Savior Choir, which is an audition choir. Beginning in 4th grade, students can participate in beginning band and then we have a 5-8 grade concert band. Our band director gives small group lessons during the week. We also offer piano lessons for students for grade 2-8 along with strings for grade K-8.
Q. Do you offer extra-curricular athletic programs?
A. Yes, our athletic teams have won many awards over the years. We continue to have a strong athletic program for our students. Students in grades 5-8 can participate in the following athletic activities:
Girls: Volleyball or Cross country (fall); basketball or cheerleading (winter); track (spring)
Boys: Baseball or cross country (fall); basketball (winter); track (spring)
Q. What is the class size?
A. The average class sizes will vary from year to year. The size this year ranges from 14 to 25.The maximum size of any class would be 25.
Q. Do you offer a Foreign Language?
A. Yes, we offer Spanish or German for K-8.
Q. Is there help available for students?
A. Yes, We have a resource teacher, Mrs. Italiano who assists classroom teachers. She is a certified teacher and works individually with students and creates Student Evaluation Plans for those that need this type of assistance. We have a peer tutoring program after school to assist students with their homework. There is also a school counselor on Tuesday to assist in a variety of areas along with assisting teachers in their classrooms with special programs such as character building and leadership assistance.
Q. Do I have to be a Lutheran for my children to attend?
A. No. Good Shepherd is open to all families that are looking for a personalized education stressing High Academic Standards and Christian-based values for their children.
Q. Are we accredited?
A. Yes, we are accredited by NLSA National Lutheran School Accreditation and by the Illinois State Board of Education for Non-Public Schools. We have been granted an “Exemplary Status” from NLSA. Accreditation is the process of self-evaluation and school improvement based on national standards and the school’s purpose. The purpose of National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA) is to help Lutheran schools improve for the benefit of students and their families. Illinois State recognition mirrors that process for non-public schools.
Q. What is the tuition for the school?
A. Tuition is set annually by the school board. Our cost to educate per student is $7,200.00, but our tuition is less than that amount.
Q. How is tuition collected?
A. Tuition payments can be billed in various ways the most common method is billed in 10 equal monthly payments, August through May. Good Shepherd uses FACTS to collect funds electronically for tuition payments.
Q. How do your graduates transition into high school? Where do they attend?
A. We are in an association with Metro East Lutheran High School to provide an opportunity for families wanting to continue their Christian education. Our 8th grade graduates attend a variety of high schools including Metro East Lutheran High School, area public high schools and even private schools in the St. Louis area. They transition extremely well academically and socially. They often return to Good Shepherd to share their thanks for such great preparedness for high school.