We believe very strongly in offering opportunities to the students to learn more about God and to praise Him in worship.

Our chapels are split into 2 groups  (Gr. 2-Gr. 8) every Thursday from 8:25-8:45 a.m. and (Pre-Gr. 1) and from 8:50 -9:10 a.m.

Parents are welcome to attend the chapel in the church at 8:25 or at 8:50.

We are also live-streaming them as well!

Chapel offerings go to different mission projects to further God’s kingdom.

Students use their talents to glorify God by playing pre-service and post-service music. Selected choirs also sing during Chapel services.

If you have questions regarding our Chapel service, please contact Pastor Walther at

Spiritual Nurture

Daily Devotions, Bible Readings, and Prayers

God’s Word is highly valued at Good Shepherd.  Each school day begins with school-wide, student-led prayer along with morning announcements. The pledges of allegiance to the American Flag and the Christian flag are recited in the classrooms.  Classrooms gather at the beginning of the day for devotions, Bible readings, and prayer.  Prayers are said at meal times, as the need and opportunity arise during the day, and at the close of the school day.

School Chapel Offerings

August – October

Early Childhood Fund
Good Shepherd Early Childhood Center is a developmental program for the young 3’s to 4s/5’s, which enhances the child’s overall development.  We are dedicated to the philosophy of helping children reach their God-given potential by creating a loving educational atmosphere in which children experience a nurturing of their Christian faith.   We also wish to assist parents with the total development of their children.


Garuna Christian Schools & Kids:

The Garuna Foundation has established a system of Christian tutoring schools in the country of Cambodia. At present, seven (7) schools form the Garuna Christian School (GCS) system, serving more than 1,200 students in grades K-6. The goal of the school system is to provide a daily, year-round opportunity for children to learn about Jesus, while also studying Khmer (Cambodian) reading/writing, Math, and basic English. These schools are in communities where only 2% of the population are Christians and most have little or no knowledge of Jesus.

Garuna helps support the Cambodia Lutheran Church (CLC) by encouraging church plants and Bible studies at the school sites. The Garuna Christian Schools are built next to an existing Lutheran congregation or designed to be a new church planting site. The schools are built with movable walls to allow for outreach activities for the community, such as Sunday Schools, Youth soccer teams, holiday events, TESL classes, and more.  In this way, the community as a whole can enjoy the blessings of an excellent education in a Christian school while learning about the love of Christ.


Collinsville Food Pantry
The collections for these months will benefit the Collinsville Food Pantry.  The food pantry is available to residents in need of food. The Pantry not only provides food but also helps families with other needs. This service helps those in crisis meet certain criteria and still attempts to reinforce self-esteem of independence at the same time.

January – May

Good Shepherd Scholarship Fund
The collections for these months will benefit community families who want their children to have a Christ-centered education. An excellent outreach tool that has brought families to Christ.