Educational Plan – On line Learning


To be able to provide a Christ-centered education in partnership with families while providing a continuous learning experience for Good Shepherd Lutheran School students when access to the brick and mortar school is possible, Synchronous learning is wanted, and face-to-face access to teachers (in the traditional sense) is not possible.

Ways to proceed:

  1. Brick to Click Learning – We will begin the academic year with traditional, in-person classes, but have planned and prepared for an outbreak that causes the school community to transition swiftly to eLearning. We will also be offering Hybrid learning during this time, see below.
  2. Synchronous Learning – We will offer a synchronous-learning environment, in which both face-to-face instruction and eLearning instruction are provided in a consistent, easy-to-follow schedule throughout the year.
  3. Click to Brick Learning – We will transition to eLearning any time there is a substantial spread, monitoring the public health benchmarks and communicating with local government and health personnel to determine when it is safe to return to brick-and-mortar classrooms.
  4. Absences – Students/Parents will check the grade level platform being used. (K-2 Seesaw/ ECC, Gr. 3-8 Google classroom)
  5. Snow Days – Details are being discussed
  6. More details call the school618-344-3153