Katie Petersen Hughes

I have no doubt that attending GS, and continuing my education at MELHS and CUC, had the most positive impact on molding me into the person I am – Christian wife/mother/nurse. Their focus on what truly matter most in life- Christ, personal relationships, a moral compass, integrity– is something that can’t be taught in the classroom or on the field but can only be realized through experience. The personal care and Godly love the teachers/staff display is a unique blessing that should be cherished and not taken for granted. As the child of a teacher I’ve experienced first hand the hours, time, and attention the teachers pour into every day and every student. I’ve also been on the receiving end as a student which has left me with nothing but fond memories and high educational standards. Nothing makes me realize my appreciation of Good Shepherd as a school and church more than being a parent myself and having to choose a school for my child to attend.

Katie Petersen HughesClass of 1997