Chris Simon

Good Shepherd laid the moral and religious foundation for my entire life. Without the firm and empathetic love and dedication of Mr. Mayhew I would not have the faith in and knowledge of a God that loves me no matter what. What at the time seemed to be memorizing monotonous literature, following arbitrary rules of decorum and preparing for tedious academic tasks turned out to be cementing God’s never failing love and promises on my heart for eternity. Mr. Mayhew and the other amazing Christians immersing their lives into the futures of thousands of children who have come through GSLS deserve to know that their efforts ultimately have created a conscience in me that forever will feel and be guided by the presence of God. Along with the intangible benefits of a solid, Christian education were the friendships and memories of adolescent maturation that I cherish and look back upon fondly to this day.

Chris SimonClass of 1999