Brooke Mayhew

Good Shepherd has impacted my life since day one whether I realized it or not. Little did I know that this place would continue to help me even after I started high school and moved away for college. Growing up I could always count on finding my dad in the main office or my mom in the cafeteria or selling script. The halls of Good Shepherd were always familiar and somehow comforting to me. I made some of my fondest memories and I met some of my greatest friends here. Looking back on my experiences at Good Shepherd I know that they shaped my life for the better. My faith has been put to the test many times throughout my life. I have this place to thank for laying a solid foundation in me that has helped me to overcome my struggles and in turn grow tremendously. I know God is smiling down at the work that is being done at Good Shepherd. I am very proud to call this place home and forever be apart of the Good Shepherd family

Brooke MayhewClass of 2009