I think the most important aspect of my education at Good Shepherd, beyond the healthy learning environment and quality education, is the role it has played in broadening my understanding of church history and what faith and worship can look like. That doesn’t sound overly impressive on the surface but as a fourth generation Southern Baptist things were very different in chapel services and sometimes in interpretations of scripture than what I was accustomed to, and those differences were often hard to struggle through especially as a twelve or thirteen year old, but as an adult I can tell you it was invaluable. Understanding the reformation (felt board Luther anyone?) and the whys of Lutheran theology has enabled me to have respect for our differences and understand just how deeply we are the same… I couldn’t have learned that lesson in any other way outside of experience and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been able to pass a bit of that wisdom on to folks who did not have the same opportunity as I did and who may not even understand the ‘whys’ of our shared faith in Jesus Christ. Its promoted a desire for harmony in my life with other believers and not a sense of ‘other’. I’m truly a better person for the education I received at Good Shepherd.

Ruth Smith MillsClass of 1995

Good Shepherd provided me with a strong Christian education and with teachers who really cared about my spiritual well-being. I have carried the lessons and values I learned there with me throughout my life. I value Good Shepherd so much that we will be sending our twin girls there in just a few years.

Pamela Cross LandwherClass of 1999

I have no doubt that attending GS, and continuing my education at MELHS and CUC, had the most positive impact on molding me into the person I am – Christian wife/mother/nurse. Their focus on what truly matter most in life- Christ, personal relationships, a moral compass, integrity– is something that can’t be taught in the classroom or on the field but can only be realized through experience. The personal care and Godly love the teachers/staff display is a unique blessing that should be cherished and not taken for granted. As the child of a teacher I’ve experienced first hand the hours, time, and attention the teachers pour into every day and every student. I’ve also been on the receiving end as a student which has left me with nothing but fond memories and high educational standards. Nothing makes me realize my appreciation of Good Shepherd as a school and church more than being a parent myself and having to choose a school for my child to attend.

Katie Petersen HughesClass of 1997

I attended Good Shepherd Lutheran School from Preschool to 8th grade. My grandma would always pick me up from school and I remember telling her that I thought it was unfair that friends from other schools never had homework but I did. It wasn’t until after I graduated from Good Shepherd that I realized how great an impact this school had on my life. I was prepared for high school which led me to be well prepared for college. My faith in the Lord was also something I took with me after graduation. Looking back, I can see the foundation that was laid by Good Shepherd, not only for my education, but my faith as well.

Kristen WrigleyClass of 2004

Good Shepherd is where I made many godly friendships… It’s where I could talk with teachers about anything. It’s where those teachers gave me godly advice and encouragement. It’s where I was taught and held to standards that set me apart and where I was given opportunities to learn, read, and serve all at once. It’s where I learned a great deal of confidence... I am so thankful that my parents chose to send me to Good Shepherd.

Kara FreyClass of 2000

Good Shepherd has impacted my life since day one whether I realized it or not. Little did I know that this place would continue to help me even after I started high school and moved away for college. Growing up I could always count on finding my dad in the main office or my mom in the cafeteria or selling script. The halls of Good Shepherd were always familiar and somehow comforting to me. I made some of my fondest memories and I met some of my greatest friends here. Looking back on my experiences at Good Shepherd I know that they shaped my life for the better. My faith has been put to the test many times throughout my life. I have this place to thank for laying a solid foundation in me that has helped me to overcome my struggles and in turn grow tremendously. I know God is smiling down at the work that is being done at Good Shepherd. I am very proud to call this place home and forever be apart of the Good Shepherd family

Brooke MayhewClass of 2009

Good Shepherd has impacted my life immensely. Beginning in Preschool to 8th Grade, it set the Christian foundation for my life and has, in large part, made me the man I am today. I can still remember teachers, administrators, fellow classmates, and workers in the lunch room that have impacted my life in some way. I’m still good friends with many of them. I’ve never been at a place where everyone cares about your spiritual and educational growth so deeply. It was a true pleasure to be apart of Good Shepherd and I would overwhelming recommend anyone considering giving their children this amazing experience to do so!

Steve MandevilleClass of 1997

Good Shepherd laid the moral and religious foundation for my entire life. Without the firm and empathetic love and dedication of Mr. Mayhew I would not have the faith in and knowledge of a God that loves me no matter what. What at the time seemed to be memorizing monotonous literature, following arbitrary rules of decorum and preparing for tedious academic tasks turned out to be cementing God’s never failing love and promises on my heart for eternity. Mr. Mayhew and the other amazing Christians immersing their lives into the futures of thousands of children who have come through GSLS deserve to know that their efforts ultimately have created a conscience in me that forever will feel and be guided by the presence of God. Along with the intangible benefits of a solid, Christian education were the friendships and memories of adolescent maturation that I cherish and look back upon fondly to this day.

Chris SimonClass of 1999

My outstanding Christian education at Good Shepherd has helped mold me into the adult that I am today. I am the daughter of Christ, a wife, a mother to three amazing kids, and a business owner. My heart is filled with joys from memories of a childhood spent at this school, and that I am now sharing with my own children. God’s grace and joy is felt within the halls at Good Shepherd. I can’t imagine there being many more beautiful things to bless a child with than a Christian education at this amazing school.

Amanda ZikaClass of 1995

My Christian education at Good Shepherd really helped me learn the values of friendship and hard work that have helped me get further in life, especially the foundation on God’s Word has helped me see things in very different ways.

Logan AnsonClass of 2010